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Mayako MX8 European Champion Edition

Mayako MX8 European Champion Edition

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2022 European Champion Edition

Do you want to feel like David Ronnefalk when he won the 2022 European Championship? Driving a near flawless 45 minute main around the challenging Barcelos track in Portugal, David won his 3rd European Championship, having joined Mayako just 7 months prior!

Now is your chance to own a Mayako MX8 with the same spec David used during that final.

Including many of the option parts David uses at all tracks, in all conditions, with dominating results.

Option parts in this Edition:

  • Black/Brown Springs
  • 2.2/2.6 Swaybars
  • 7x1.3/7x1.4 Pistions
  • Arms Front / Links Rear
  • CNC Rear Hub with Carbon Plate #1
  • 94mm Universal Rear Driveshaft
  • Lightened Chassis
  • Black "Wing of David" 2.0 Wing
  • KPI-1 / Caster 1
  • 2.0 Body
  • Titanium Turnbuckles
  • Titanium Gearbox Screws
  • 4mm Front Wheel-Hex
  • Carbon Rear Arm Plates
  • Carbon A-D Block Plates
  • Screw type through hingepins and arm blocks



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