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Tekno NB48 2.2

Tekno NB48 2.2

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The Tekno NB48 2.2 further builds on the NB48 2.1 chassis, delivering outstanding rough track handling, extreme durability, and ease of maintenance. The Tekno team aimed to provide a significant upgrade to the NB48 platform, incorporating unique features never seen before. Standard features of the NB48 2.2 include revised Shock Towers, updated Shock Pistons, Ackermann Spindle Plates, shorter Rear UNI's, adjustible Sway Bar Bushings, showcasing the remarkable value offered by this buggy.


The redesigned split shock towers allow for greater flex and an overall improved feel. Additionally, the updated shock pistons and guides enhance shock smoothness, providing a superior driving experience.

Driveshafts & Arkerman Plates

Redesigned ackerman plates increase steering feel and enlarge the tuning window. With 3mm shorter rear drive shafts to acomidate the narrower rear end this chassis is sure to impress and demand low lap times.


The NB48 2.2 has revised components for enhanced performance and durability. The -2mm front and rear bulkheads, -2mm LRC/HRC rear hubs, and -2mm LRC spindles offer improved handling and stability. Additionally, the updated hinge pin sleeves ensure smoother operation and increased reliability on the track.


  • Redesigned Split Design 7075 CNC Machined Shock Towers
  • Redesigned 93.5mm Rear Universal Driveshafts
  • Redesigned Precision Molded Shock Pistons and Guides
  • Redesigned Reduced Ackermann Spindle Plates
  • Redesigned Adjustable Sway Bar Deadband Bushings
  • Revised -2mm Front/Rear Bulkheads
  • Revised -2mm LRC/HRC Rear Hubs
  • Revised -2mm LRC Spindles
  • Revised Shock Standoffs
  • Revised Inner Hinge Pin Sleeves

Standard Kit  $700

Kit with (2) JTP CT3 Servo's  $980 ... save $40

Factory Build  $250


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