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Ultimate Racing

Ultimate Racing 2141 Pipe

Ultimate Racing 2141 Pipe

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Ultimate Racing Super Strong EFRA 2141 exhaust system. This EFRA 2141 hi-quality aluminum exhaust has been designed to improve the overall performance of your engine. It produces a precise and linear throttle response in the low to mid RPM range with a great top end speed. This pipe set will provide great power to your engine up to the high RPM range to produce a great and easy to drive power curve.

All these characteristics will provide great torque for those very demanding tracks with sharp corners and hard to clear jumps.

This EFRA 2141 exhaust system is a great choice for your 1/8 off road engine, and it’s specially recommended for the MXS, and MTS Ultimate Racing engines.

This exhaust system includes the pipe, manifold, 3 short springs, 2 medium springs, 2 long springs and 2 manifold gaskets.


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